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Collider is the first and only company in the world that enables automated production of physical goods on-site, on-demand, with high quality, and in real-world, preexisting materials -- materials as various as plastics, silicones, rubbers, and even metals. The core of Collider’s ability to perform this lies at the intersection of Hardware and Software, in its flagship 3D Printer -- The Orchid.

Please share a portfolio/website that reflects your skills as an engineer.

Collider’s User Interface and Database Backend allows users to quickly and easily prepare files for printing, and manage the 3D printers on their network. The Print Manager presents a simple, clean interface to the User -- and takes care of all the heavy calculations on the backend, out of sight, so the User can get a physical product in the material of their choice, with the click of a button.

The Job: * Writing mission-critical frontend and backend code for the next-generation interface between the User, our cutting-edge Computational Geometry algorithms, and our unique Printer, the Orchid * Collaborative design of Data Architectures for both metadata, and large file storage * Work on basic frontend Graphical representations of user models in real space * The opportunity to “get in early,” and work with a hungry, driven team, on complex problems that will change the way objects are manufactured * Helping grow the company culture from its early stage to its next iteration You: * Experienced in Python, Javascript, Database Management, OOP, and Functional methodologies * Understands Agile Methodology, and importance of Unit Testing for scalable production code * Experienced in building Scalable Web Applications from the ground up, for production environments * Experienced in HTML/CSS, and frontend Javascript such as React.js * Very excited to work in a dynamic and rapidly growing interdisciplinary team * Experienced in Databases and their design + management for scalable Web Applications * Experienced in inheriting and growing codebases * Multitalented -- willing to go into unknown territory to make things work * Lifelong learner -- strong desire to learn new technologies on the job * Ready to be a project owner, with the responsibilities and accolades that entails * Understands the importance of a good UX, and has the desire/people skills to seek out feedback from real-world users on Design choices * Writes clear, concise code -- commenting when needed, and is able to adapt to different coding styles as needed * Able to take prototypes through an iterative design process, resulting in a polished product

Extra Points: * Experience with WebGL, Three.js, or other in-browser 3D Render frameworks * Computational Geometry experience

How to apply

email Luke Bechtel, Head of Software, at: