Full-Stack Developer

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Full-Stack Developer

Full-stack developers at Zillion build core products and services. Our priorities are great customer experiences, excellent software design, and a healthy and curious engineering team dynamic.

As a new technology startup that's changing the insurance industry, Zillion leverages a variety of data sources to revolutionize the way customers interact with insurance. Zillion emphasizes customer delight at each interaction and strives to provide ease and transparency to a historically opaque industry.

Our full-stack developers wear many hats - we bounce across languages and disciplines including API design & implementation, greenfield web client applications, platform & devops, and integrations with external services. Engineers also have significant influence over technical and product decisions.

Zillion insists on a culture of curiosity and acceptance. We want our developers to bring different experience with them and share it constructively. Questions are always welcome, and mistakes happen. We provide support for professional development and community outreach, and we provide the structure to research and share information on new technologies.

Despite being a startup, we recognize that a happy team is a good team, and we strongly value work-life balance and family time.

Zillion Engineering is located in Chattanooga, TN. We prefer local candidates, but may consider remote in some cases. We like a flat team structure to keep us focused on success as a team. However, experience & progress in responsibilities are recognized & compensated accordingly.

What you do

  • Design, build, and maintain APIs, applications, services, and systems
  • Frequently switch between projects & languages
  • Provide technical & product input that influences the company directly
  • Occasional pair programming for knowledge sharing
  • Foster an accepting culture of curiosity & perpetual learning
  • Improve the skills & visions of your teammates
  • Listen & learn from your teammates

Considerations you make while building

  • Good design - modularity, consistency, clear naming, etc.
  • Automated tests, often TDD
  • Readability over writeability
  • Proposing multiple solutions to problems & determining the best choice
  • Opportunities for efficiency
  • Opportunities for concurrency

Technologies you'll work with

  • Elixir / Phoenix
  • React & vanilla js (es6)
  • Design implementation (scss, bootstrap, flexbox, etc.)
  • CI/CD
  • E-commerce integrations
  • Heroku / Heroku Enterprise
  • Docker

Technologies you'll probably work with

  • GraphQL
  • Blockchain
  • Ruby
  • PHP
  • Salesforce / Apex
  • AWS platform development

Your current experience

  • Experience with some, but not necessarily all, of the technologies above
  • 2+ years of professional full-stack experience with examples & references
  • Formal CS-related education preferred, but not required
  • Experience working with other developers
  • Personal projects, preferably open-source and running publicly
  • Experience and/or understanding of functional programming and its benefits
  • Curiosity about software design, languages, and product development

Perks & Benefits

  • Annual professional development time & budget
  • Structured tech R&D time during work hours
  • Competitive compensation
  • Stock options
  • Support for developer community enrichment
  • Health insurance

How to apply

To apply, email craig@myzillion.com or slack Craig Lyons @ #chadev

Please provide reference materials such as resume, github/gitlab/bitbucket, linkedin, live project examples, etc.